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Welcome to Living Lean Meals, based in Hickory, NC providing healthy meals and snacks that are convenient and tasty each week!

We Offer 2 Portion Options:

Healthy Eating – consisting of 5-6 oz. protein, 1/3-½ cup complex carbohydrate and 1 cup vegetable – with between 350-400 calories

Weight Loss – consisting of 3-4 oz. protein, 1/3-½ cup complex carbohydrate and 1 cup vegetable – with 250-300 calories

Typically, orders are due in by 11:00 am on Friday, and will be ready for pick-up each Tuesday from Noon – 6:00 pm.

With Orders of 100 Meals or More, Delivery is Available Upon Request


The Purpose of These Meals is To Help People When Life is Full, Stress is High and Schedules are Crazy.


Contents of Meals
Protein: building block of muscles
1 gram protein = 4 calories

Complex Carb: used to fuel the body.
1 gram carb = 4 calories

Fat: used as a source of energy and protects vital organs.
1 gram fat = 9 calories

Meal Preparation
Fresh Ingredients

Season with fresh Herbs if Possible

No Preservatives

Low to No Sugar

Low Sodium