Being newly diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic I have a host of new challenges facing me, not least of which is changing to a healthy diet. Using the “Living Lean Meals” over the past several weeks I have been able to lower my average daily blood sugar levels by more than 10 points. The meals are not only well prepared, tasty and inexpensive, but offer me a diet variation without having to wonder what may happen with my blood sugar levels. I am more than pleased to have found an answer to one of the challenges diabetics face daily.
Ben McCutchan // Hickory, NC
The quality is great and you can’t beat the convenience.. The lightly blackened tilapia was cooked and seasoned perfectly. I also enjoyed the almond chicken salad – wish I had ordered more…. Just having these meals on hand will make reaching my weight loss goal much easier-being prepared with healthy, low cal foods is half the battle !! Lorin- thanks so much for doing a great job… I look forward to next week’s menu…..
Cheryl Gilliam
Being a fitness trainer, one of the toughest challenges I have is getting my clients to eat healthy. Living Lean’s pre packaged fresh meals have made that part of my job much easier. It’s hard to make excuses when someone is cooking it for you. The meals are the correct portion size, affordable, convenient, healthy, and yes they taste good! I do eat the meals and I highly recommend them for all my clients, and their families. It is not a quick fix diet; it is a healthy meal plan which all of us can benefit from.
Gloria Trull
The key to these meals is portion control. There is just the right amount of food without overindulging. I appreciate that they have little or no fat, are eye appealing and very tasty. The variety is great. I have not gone to the grocery store to buy food for lunch or dinner since they began this service to the community.
Delores Hammer, DDS